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Please remove all your valuables including money.
Please let us know if you wish to see any faulty parts removed from your vehicle before work comences.
Please ensure we have a contact number incase we need to contact you.
If your vehicle has locking wheel nuts, please inform us where to find the key.
It may be necessary to customise a manufaturers recommended service schedue to suit individual customer/vehicles needs.
Please arrange with the receptionist collection of your vehicle. if you are unable to get to the garage before closing, a key safe system is availabe or alternative arrangements may be made.
If you are having your car serviced, please make sure your log book is available (ie on the passenger seat) for us to stamp, if relevant.

We maintain a database with customer contact details (name, address, telephone/mobile number and email address), vehicle details and our work history so that we can help and advice our customers to maintain their vehicles. We will send you an MOT reminder (if we have the information) but otherwise we will not send you newsletters or marketing material. We can also assure you that your personal data is not shared or sold to other parties. If you don't want us to contact you with MOT reminders, let us know and we'll make sure we note your request on our system.

Our paper records are kept for 1 year before being confidentially shredded. Every year we delete customer and vehicle details that we have not seen for more than 5 years from our data base. If you would like your details to be removed from our data base before this, please let us know.

1. The company shall refer to any reputable motor accessory manufacturer or concessionare.
2. Repair charges will be based on the labour and material costs involved.  Parts replaced will be destroyed unless instructions to the contrary are received from the customer prior to the commencement of repairs, with the exception of parts retained for return for credit under manufacturers exchange scheme.
3. In the event of defect developing within 3000 miles or 3 months (whichever is sooner) and the same being reported in that time the company will make every reasonable endeavour to rectify the same free of charge if due to our defective workmanship.
4. All charges for servicing and repairs are payable on completion in cash unless arrangements for credit or payment by cheque, satisfactory to the company, are made in advance.  Cheques will only be accepted to the limit of the bankers card.  Credit Cards acceptable to the company may be utililised subject to the usual checks being made.
5. The customer is expected to ensure all items of value including money are removed from the vehicle before it is placed with the company for attention.  If the customer fails to do so, the company will not accept responsibility for any losses which arise whilst the vehicle is in the possession of the company.
6. Estimates for repairs will only be valid for 28 days after dispatch.  If instructions are not received from the customer the company reserve the right to charge usual garage prices.   All prices quoted by the company are based on the current cost to the company of labour, material and spare parts at the date of the quotation and in the event of any variation occurring before or after acceptance the company may if it thinks fit require the customer to pay on completion of the work any increase due to such variation.
7. Any complaints arising from works carried out by the company should in the first instance be put in writing to the director of the company.